Vikings vs Cardinals

Vikings vs Cardinals: We all know what happened the last time the Vikings were a heavy home favorite. How can they prevent the same fate against the Cardinals.

Earlier this week I was picking up my five year old daughter from after school care where she’s in kindergarten. I had already picked up my three year old daughter from daycare so I brought her in with me to help get her sister. My oldest was hard at work doing her craft of the day—fuse beads. For the uninitiated: basically the kids take a bunch of tiny beads, place them on a pegboard with a specific design (hers was a unicorn, naturally), and then have the teachers iron them. The hot iron fuses the beads together (hence the name) and you get a cute little design to take home after it cools off. It’s tedious as hell but a great way to keep a bunch of hyperactive kids busy.

I heard the beads scattering on the floor before I could turn around to see the incredibly guilty look on the youngest’s face. Her big sister sat in stunned silence for a couple seconds before unleashing what had to be the loudest wail that has ever escaped her lungs. Giant tears rolled down her cheeks. The project that she had painstakingly worked on for almost an hour was completely ruined. She was inconsolable for a full five minutes before her teachers, friends, and I were finally able to settle her down.

After she came around, I sat her on my lap and explained, “That’s why I told you to wait. I’m sorry your unicorn is ruined, but you already saw that your little sister messed it up the first time. She doesn’t know any better. [Note: little sister might know better, but at this age she certainly DGAF.] Did you learn your lesson?”

She looked up at me with her giant blue eyes and nodded. The episode was over as quickly as it had started. She wiped her nose, got down from my lap, and started to gather her things so we could leave.